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Revision Record
In April 11, 2012, the version is updated with some improvement in wordings.
In October 31, 2011, the version is updated with some improvement in wordings. Miscellaneous topics, including cultural topics, are added
The first version was opened in this home page in 2001.
In June 22, 2011, the version is updated, and the references, the files of "CDM-CAD"to be used with MATLAB and the drafts of the first two chapters of CDM book are added.

Author's Back Ground
Shunji Manabe was born in 1930 in Tokyo. His educational back ground is Electrical Engineering. He received two years education at the Ohio State University in USA. He jointed the electrical and electronics industrial firm (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.) in 1952 and engaged in work for 38 years  related to Control System Design of various industrial products. Those areas are:
        Electric Motor Speed Control
        Tracking RADAR Control
        Flight Simulator
        Industrial Plant Control
        Spacecraft Attitude Control
He taught the subject of control theory in Tokai University from 1990 to 2000.

Purpose of Home Page
After his retirement in 2000, he intends to pass his experiences to younger generations, and he expects that things stated below contribute to build the better society for coming generations.

1.  During his long experiences in design of control systems, he developed an effective control design theory named as "Coefficient Diagram Method (CDM). CDM is design theory, not analysis theory, and an effective control system can be designed without much design experiences. By CDM, the field adjustments can be done in an easy way.

2.  In controller design, hardware and software realization problems are also important.  In order to establish reliable and cost effective Real-Time Controller, some modifications of the presently available OS and hardware structure seem to be necessary.

3.  In order to realize human-friendly robot, the actuator technologies must be much improved. Electric motors are much inferior to human muscle in weight, power, and flexibility.  The internal combustion engine used in cars gives too much burdens to the environments. A good example is shown in animal muscle. In inside of animal muscle, the chemical energy is directly converted to dynamical energy without going through heat. It means more efficient.  This subject, Muscle Engine, will be discussed in more details in this homepages.

4. He has strong interests in the cultural aspects of the society. He believes that the science and technology must be build on the sound ethical and religious background of the society. Some of his views will be presented in Miscellaneous Topics

Request to Home Page Readers
Author Manabe would be very happy, if he would have comments from readers  on the above four topics, namely,
        Coefficient Diagram Method (CDM)
        Real Time Control
        Muscle Engine
        Miscellaneous Topics
Please go to the referred pages for more details.

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