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IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award (Sept 26 2013)


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šCountry Dreamš
at@‹ž“s‰~ŽR‰ΉŠy“°@on Oct. 11 2015

at@’“c’J‹ζ–―‰οŠΩ@on Sept 19 2015

š17th Lily Pickin'Partyš
at ‚έ‚Η‚θ Art Park on June 28 2015

š14th Fortworth Jamboreeš
at Ό‹{ƒAƒ~ƒeƒBƒz[ƒ‹ on June 14 2015

šChurch concertš
at ‘•{‹³‰ο on June 07 2015
with Keiichi Teramoto

at ˜‰zs­ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ on Sept 14 2014

at •cκΜίΨέ½ on July 27 2014

šLily Pickin' Partyš
at —ΞŒφ‰ο“° on June 22 2014

at ΐή²Κή°ΌΓ¨°@on May 25 2014

at ‰‘•lŠJ`‹L”OŠΩ on March 27 2014

šKyoto OPRYš
at Kyoto TERUSA Hall on Feb 09 2014

š"Fortworth" liveš
at Fortworth Shukugawa Kobe on Feb 08 2014

šBlueMood liveš
at BlueMood Tsukiji Tokyo on Dec 07 2013

in 2009...
@in June

Pioneers Recognition Ceremony

on June 25th 2009 at Cannon Hall River Park Center, Owensboro KY.

more pictuer of ROMP'09

in May...
10th Kyoto Grand OPRY
at Kyoto Terrsa Hall on Mar.01'09

"Pioneer of Bluegrass Music" Gathering
(Owensboro Kentucky)

Stage at Yellow Park Owensboro KY
River Of Music Party 2008

At Maruyama Music Hall Kyoto

9 years ago...,
At IBMM stage of First ROMP 2004/06/25

20 years ago...,
With Charly Louvin 1993/04/11 at Kyoto

and 55 years ago...,
Radio On Air 1958

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