a study of MARTIN D-45 and "C.F.Martin" on Headstock by Chiaki

updated 2013.8.20:(Add Type_2.5)

Proto Type 1931_C-1 1968_reissue_proto
Type_0: 1931 (Proto)
Type_1: 1932 ~ 1936(first_term)
Type_2: 1936(latter_term) ~ 1942
Type_2.5: 1968proto
Type_3: 1968 ~ 1970
Type_4: D-41(1970)
Type_5: 1971~
Type_6: D-45CTM_&_Modified(1984)
Type_7: D-45GE(2001~ )

Type_8: D-45Authentic(2011/copy_of_1942)
and fake? (^^;
1932_C-3_Conv. (PEG replaced) 1932_C2_S12 1934_000-45 / 14fret-joint 1934_000-45 / 12fret-joint
1935_C2 1935_F-7 (=1932~1936_first_term_style) 1937_F-7 (=1936_latter_style)Font changed in 1936 1938_D-45
1939_000-45 1940_D-45 Tortoise ! (([T] resembles 1970_D-41) 1941_000-45 1942_F-9
1968_D-45 1969_D-45 1970_D-45 2011_D-45Authentic_1942
1969_D-41(=D-45/'68~70) 1970_D-41/check ! [T] font 1970_D-41/check ! [T] font 1971_D-41BK (PEG changed)/ check ! [T] font
1983_D-45 (150TH ; BRZ.) 1992_D-45S / green avalon/ solid 2010_D-45Marquis_CTM /Slim/laminate =D-45GE 2007_0-45S (Stephen_Stills)=D-45GE
1983_D-45CTM (150TH ; BRZ.)>>This LOGO must be pre-war (1936~1942) !? Look at 「T」font 1971_D-45 , MDFY.ed 1984>>This LOGO may be fake ?  No !. See below 1984CTM !

1971_D-45 , MDFY.ed 1984Fat and [T]font is unique designed
"1984" is the year after 150th Anniv.
1984_D-45CTM Tortoise
This font as same as D-45_MDFYed in 1984
Both are made in 1984

1939"C-2" 1968 1969 2001"GE" 1983

mint condition
slim as original D-45
left"|" is little curved

nearby "M"
middle"-" is short

and not parallel

same as original D-45

middle"-" is long&pararll
slim as original D-45
slim&wide as origin.

deep V
long legs , small triangular

originalD-45is more
deep V


unique leg bottom

short legs
is sharpen

long slim legs

left shoulder is higher

different from original D-45


slim as original D-45
unique top
center of both "|" are narrowed(=tops and bottoms are wider)

"|" are square

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